My Early life

Published on 28 October 2023 at 10:29

A bit about my life and a story to read!

I am a children’s author and I have been writing and self-publishing picture books since 2015, professionally. I have been writing most of my life starting with a poem I wrote in 4th grade called When I Give My Dog A Bath, about our dog Sambo. I entered it in the contest and WON! I wish I had a copy of the poem, but sadly in all the moving that I did as a child, it was lost in one of the moves.

Moving was something I became quite accustom to hearing my Daddy say, “I’m being transferred.” This happened every two or three years of my life. I was born in Tampa, Florida, and we lived there for three years. Then just after my brother Roger was born, we moved to Birmingham, Alabama, we stayed a year and off to Charlotte, North Carolina, where I attended preschool and Kindergarten. No, that wasn’t the end of my journey next stop was Laurel, Mississippi, where I began first grade in Ms. Night’s room. I loved my teacher and she was so kind. We lived just down the road from the school. I remember Momma standing at the edge of the yard watching me walk up into the school yard. I was pretty happy in Laurel and I had a good friend named Elizabeth, plus she had a cute big brother which I was goo eyed for shhhh, but he didn’t know it. Then the summer after first grade we moved to Jackson, Mississippi. we lived in 3 different locations, which put me in 3 different schools. Most of it was a blur, except the memory of hearing over the school intercom that school was getting out early. I was pleased to go to our bus, but n all the excitement we found out President John F. Kennedy had been shot. That terrible day was November 22, 1963. I was in the fifth grade and we didn’t have school for several days even after Thanksgiving. Then in the middle of sixth grade, February, we moved to Hazlehurst, Mississippi. Writing was my saving grace because I wrote in my journals about all the places I lived and how I felt about moving all the time, but that is for another day. I hope you enjoyed my blog on a look into the life of a children’s author, me, Rhonda-Kay. I’d love your comments. 


I did have a safe space, a place which kept me grounded that was at my Granny and Papa’s house in Hartford, Alabama. I have written two books about Hartford, Alabama, with Granny and Papa. AGGIE’S PURPLE HANDS AND GRANNY’S COBBLER A COUNTING BOOK. I spent at least 6 weeks each summer with my grandparents. Granny and I would visit her friends, baked goodies were always offered ,along with ice cold milk. Papa took me with him on his errands in his light blue truck. Read all about it.

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