Free Workshops for K-2nd

(One Classroom)

Yellow Roses represents friendship. 36 years ago the man that is now Rhonda-Kay's husband, Chris, gave her this yellow rose on their first date

Rhonda-Kay Gatlin received the American Graduate Champion Award from Las Vegas Public Broadcasting (PBS). The video provided gives you a glimpse into her working with children and explaining the purpose for their writing in this lesson. Mr. Ben Day, her principal, gives his opinion of her credentials working with students at Andrew J. Mitchell Elementary school. Rhonda-Kay has taught the writing process for twenty-five years and now wants to share her knowledge and experiences, Gatlin’s Legacy of Love Writing Workshop, using her children’s books to help students write their own story. The program is broken into six areas for school age children Kindergarten through second grade.

Learn The Story Writing Process from an Author by PROVIDING HER LUNCH!

For LUNCH & YOUR COMPANY, Rhonda Kay will work with an individual classroom that includes:

  • Create Child's own Personalized Story
  • Create Child's own Author Page
  • Read excerpts from her children’s book(s)
  • Arts & Crafts related to one of the Author’s book
  • Children’s Writing Process Walkthrough  
  • Brainstorming Ideas
  • Worksheet to list character(s) and their characteristics
  • Rough draft 
  • Booklet to write a completed story and to illustrate on their own time
  • Whole group and Individualized Author Assistance
  • Best for Grades Kindergarten-Second Grade
  • Time: 1-3 hours



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