As I read Aggie's Purple Hands, memories of my childhood summers in the south came to mind. I remember mama and my aunts and uncles canning peaches, watermelon preserves and blackberries for jellies, jams, and preserves. My grandpa had beehives and there were always pints and quarts of fresh honey put on shelves for the winter months. Mama would always let us children pick blackberries and our hands would be purple for days. I remember our shirts would also be stained! And the blackberry cobbler! The delicious smells drifting through the open windows was the best part. We learned early what 'fruit jars' were used for, and the variety of sizes in pints, quarts, etc. We always got to sample everything. If it passed our taste test, then the fruit jellies or preserves were ready for the jars. The winter months would come and mama would make biscuits for breakfast. Oh, the joy of hot biscuits oozing with melted butter and homemade watermelon preserves or blackberry jelly or fresh honey was enough to not only make our mouths water but feel our stomachs until the evening meal.


Aggie's Purple Hands is a delightful book for young readers. It is about Aggie helping pick the grapes and squeezing the grapes in the cheesecloth - something children today probably have no idea what a cheesecloth is or what squeezing the grapes means. If you were born in the south chances are you learned early in life about the fruit canning process.


Children will enjoy Aggie's Purple Hands and the delicious smell of grape jelly, and purple hands! This is a perfect book for classrooms. They'll learn about pints and quarts along with Aggie. If you're a teacher, I recommend this book with warm toast oozing with melted butter, a jar of grape jelly, different size canning jars and measuring cups, different size spoons and a classroom of hungry kids! What a delicious lesson to be taught and learned and loved by children.


I rate this book a high 5.

Marcella Meeks
Author, Blog writer
GRANNY’S COBBLER, A COUNTING BOOK, is a charming picture book story that shows a special
bond between Aggie and her Granny. Aggie loves to spend time with her Granny. She especially
loves her Granny’s blackberry cobbler. Aggie helps her Granny pick some blackberries for the
cobbler, and in the process, she learns how to count from one to one hundred.
This picture book includes the special blackberry cobbler recipe from the author’s Granny.
I highly recommend this picture book.
Roselle, Amazon Review
This book is so cute! I didn’t get the first book, but I got the second edition . When I found out this
story was true, it brought me back to the times I spent with my grandmother in the kitchen baking. A
must read ! I bought this book to give to my niece
Heather, Amazon Review


Beautifully written children's book about a special tradition shared between a little girl and her
Grandparents. Illustrations are excellent. I highly recommend this book as a must have for a special
stocking stuffer for Christmas from Grandparents to little girls. The book has inspired me as a
Grandparent to share traditions with my own grandchildren.


Mary M., Amazon Review


When I read this to my 4 1/2 year old grandson, he thoroughly enjoyed it and asked me to read it
again. After the two readings, he sat and looked at it, retelling the story as he went. Children are the
most honest critics and he gave Firecat Rescue a 2 thumbs up review! Thank you, Author Rhonda-
Kay Gatlin and Illustrator Roselle.


Amazon Customer

Here's what kids are saying in Boulder City!

Finley's Enchanted Garden

My favorite part was Mr. Horton


Favorite Part: When all [the] things came out [of the quilt]


Favorite Part: When grandma made the quilt


I liked when all the animals [came] alive


Favorite Part: When the cat slept under the quilt


My favorite is that they made a quilt of her new garden


Favorite Part: When the animals jumped out


Favorite Part: That Finley was so happy about the quilt


Favorite Part: When the granny was sleeping and the girl popped up


Favorite Part: All the animals fly out the quilt


Favorite Part: When the animals came out of the quilt


Favorite Part: When all the animals finished the quilt


I like the part when the cat was keep saying meow


Favorite Part: The cat was laying on [the quilt]


Favorite Part: The little girl took a peek at the quilt


Aggie's Purple Hand's

I liked when she said, "I don't have purple hands!" My favorite word is scrumptious.

Brayden - Age 8

I like that she is always doing stuff with her family. I liked when she begged to help!

Sydney - Age 8

My favorite part was when they played pirates.

Lilly - Age 8

Scuppernong is the coolest word ever. I love the book. I love how the vine is 400 years old! My favorite part was when she said, "No more purple hands!"

Joseph - Age 8

I liked that she screamed

Kellan - Age 8

I love jelly on my toast.

Lillian - Age 8

My favorite part was scuppernong is a cool word. I want to try the jelly. My favorite part word is scuppernong.

Eliza - Age 8

My favorite part was the next day when she still had purple hands..

Dawson - Age 8

I liked the weird words in the book and I also like the part where Aggie ran home with purple hands. This book was really funny and I would like to read more of your books.

Jack - Age 9

I like scuppernong jelly.

Vinny - Age 11

I like how the author included scuppernong jelly to describe the jelly and the kind it was.

Josie - Age 13

Scuppernong? Coolest word. Really good book. Math in book is great for kids. Purple hands! I liked how she thought that the purple on her hands was going to stay like that.

Max - Age 13