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Published on 26 February 2024 at 01:06

My blog gatlinslegacyoflove.com showcases my love of literature and my passion for writing books for children.

HAPPY SUNDAY! For the past 40 years teaching a variety of grade levels, my favorite is primary age children. Ages 5 through 9 years old children are the best. In the elementary classroom, every day, I read at least two picture books. I feel that the way to instill a life-long love reading is to expose children to engaging stories that uplift them and touch their hearts. When I retired in 2015, these past experiences in my classroom, lead to a wish to write the books I would have wanted to read. My website has been completely revamped. Same link but totally NEW, thanks to the expert doings of my Web Builder Sam Shumate. If you are looking to redo your own website, I would recommend him. If you are interested write in my comment section, ”I want Sam,” and I’ll get you his number. He is reasonably priced and
very experienced. Please like my blog to follow and share with your friends.
I have 3 self-published books on Amazon:

GRANNY’S COBBLER A COUNTING BOOK - 2nd Edition paperback
AGGIE’S PURPLE HANDS - 2nd Edition paperback
FIRECAT RESCUE - Newest paperback
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Guess my State!

See if you can use the clues below to find out in what state I ​live:

  • I live in a very hot area in the west
  • The state capital is Carson City, founded in October 1864
  • State Flower bloom is Big Sagebrush
  • ​State bird Mountain Bluebird​
  • ​State fish Lahontan Cutthroat Trout​
  • State mammal desert bighorn sheep​
  • State dinosaur fossil Ichthyosaur Fossil 
  • ​​State reptile Desert Tortoise​​
  • ​State tree Bristlecone Pine
  • State gemstone Black Fire Opal
  • State locomotive Engine No. 40 Nevada Northern Railway
  • State mineral Silver
  • State motto "Battle Born State"
  • Super Bowl LVIII was held in the state

Where does children’s author Rhonda-Kay Gatlin live? If you know the answer, write the correct answer in the comment section and I’ll
send you three animal coloring sheets to download and color from my state!

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Dana Robinson
2 months ago

Way to go Rhonda! You are doing amazing things!

Preeti Chhabra
2 months ago

I love your blog and website. The love you have for kids is evident in every word.

2 months ago

Good job! Glad to see more interactive blogs. If you added in the clue list that the Super Bowl was just there, everyone would get the answer right.