Giles' Masterpiece By Rhonda-Kay Gatlin

Published on 2 March 2024 at 12:36

50PreciousWords submission

By: Rhonda-Kay Gatlin


Giles’ Masterpiece
Imagine being licked by an eighteen-inch,
tough, thick, bluish-black tongue.
In my treehouse, Giles and I see eye to eye.
He stretches his long neck up to watch me paint.
Guess who used that tongue to grab my brush?
Giles painted his masterpiece on Mr. Belvedere’s Jeep.

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2 months ago

I loved Giles’ masterpiece. The innocence and depth touched my soul.

2 months ago

I want a Giles as a pet.

Julia Ruschmann
2 months ago

Giles is a lovely and loveable giraffe. Your writing brings him alive.

a month ago

Giles sounds like he could help create some neat artwork!

Bonnie Kelso
a month ago

Nice job, Rhonda!

Elizabeth Raphael
a month ago

Wow! I love your flowers!

Cindy Grace Lamug
a month ago

Keep up the wonderful work, Rhonda!