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Published on 26 March 2024 at 12:01

I write picture books for children. I believe little readers need to listen to and read good literature. I want to be one of those authors to provide good literature.

My Blog gatlinslegacyoflove represents and describes my love of writing picture books for children. Teaching for 40 years brought a variety of grade levels into my resume. I taught disabled primary school children through high school students with physical, emotional, and learning challenges. After I moved to Boulder City, I found my teaching niche at Andrew J. Mitchell Elementary, a second-grade teacher. My favorite age group has always been the primary age children, ages 5 through 9 years old. I read to my students at least two picture books a day to help instill the love and joy of reading. My writing career was launched and influenced by reading hundreds of children’s books to 

my students. I have self-published 3 picture books and another is due in May. Check out 

all the pages on my website and be sure to check out my Legacy Store


This is my new website, even though it is the same link, it is all NEW with the expert help from my Web Builder Sam Shumate. If you are looking for someone with experience, and reasonably priced let me know. Write in my comment section and I’ll be glad to share his number. Please share my blog and website.

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