Granny's Cobbler a Counting Activity!

Published on 15 April 2024 at 22:42

My Blog this time is giving you examples of activities to use with my picture book, GRANNY’S COBBLER A COUNTING BOOK

After reading the picture book, with your child I have provided a few extra activities for skip counting. You can purchase this book on Amazon, just go to my Legacy Store and click the buy button and you will be whisked down the path toward having your own copy of GRANNY’S COBBLER A COUNTING BOOK, and in the back of the book there is my granny’s recipe for blackberry cobbler. Yummy. Enjoy!

To start the activity-

Say: I’m going with Aggie and Granny blackberry picking down by the pond.

Directions: Skip counting by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, 10’s, and 25’s.

Acquire 100 small objects to represent blackberries.


  1. 100 items to count example: MM’s, uncooked beans, or peas (bought in small bags at the grocery store) or 100 pennies or if available unifix cubes, and 1 die.
  2. 4 pieces of yarn or string 24 inches long for the bigger numbers to give plenty of room for different objects.
  3. Play on a large table or the floor. Choose the number of objects to count depending on the child's level.
  4. Roll the die and the child says I’m going to Granny’s to pick blackberries. The child might roll a 2 on the die. Count out 2 beans and then space and add 2, then space 2 continues repeating groups of 2’s.

XX              XX            XX              XX              XX               XX  

 2 berries     4 berries      6 berries     8 berries      10 berries    12 berries

I picked ____ blackberries today.


  1. Depending on the child’s age, level, or experience it is best to count-up to 25. If age appropriate. When the child arrives at 25 beans, circle the beans with a piece of yarn and continue using each piece of yarn until all 100 beans are in the 4 groups of 25 beans until all 4-piece yarn are used.

Also, you can use the pages in the book Granny’s Cobbler a Counting Book to count the berries on the trays.

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