Achieving Goals Pt 1

Published on 25 June 2024 at 11:05

Hi y’all,
I am Rhonda-Kay Gatlin, but I go by Rhonda-Kay. I’m the new gal on the block. I'm just
getting my feet wet with posting on social media.

I was born on December 22, ____ in Tampa, Florida. Well, by reading that, you would have thought that I spent my entire life in Florida. But that’s not what happened — instead, I was delivered into a traveling family. Daddy moved all over the South. 

Some of you may relate, though other people may have lived in a small town or a city all their lives. But I went to four elementary schools in several different states. Then I went to what was called Junior High, which is known as Middle School in some parts. I was thankful I spent my three years of high school in Montgomery, Alabama. Yes, you read that correctly, I’m a Southern lady.

Did you ever feel that you could accomplish a task as long as you were given the “right” tools to achieve your goal? Well, what happened when you didn’t receive those tools? I felt that exact way moving from place to place, like I was falling too far behind. I thought maybe I just couldn’t catch up because the teacher had gone onto new material too quickly. Though, that wasn't it at all. Later I found out I was dyslexic and was experiencing learning disabilities. 

Now, I didn’t find out this information until tenth grade. I had a choice to make: teach an old dog new tricks, or accept that I was so far behind that I should just give up. No, this Southern gal doesn’t go down that easily. I lifted myself and was able to climb the proverbial “Mt. Everest” of proper reading and writing with the help of several tutors. It took hundreds of tries, many tears, and crumpled papers, but I graduated in 1972!

Though, that wasn’t the end of my struggles…

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