Achieving Goals Pt 2

Published on 28 June 2024 at 11:10

I never worked as a teenager because my daddy told me my job was to study and go to tutoring classes.

Sometimes I thought that was the meanest thing ever to not to hang out with my friends until 2 hours tutoring session was over and my homework completed. But I knew my parents loved me and I wished I had told them more before they passed away, how much I appreciated them keeping my feet to the flame and providing all the resources needed to accomplish my goals. They provided opportunities for me to study and learn little tricks and ways to gain skills in math and in reading. Dyslexia does not leave me just because I studied more, I just learned how to recognize something if it didn’t look right on the page. I learn that counting on your fingers was ok except when I got to Las Vegas and tried counting during Black Jack. You must keep your other hand off the table.

Yes, I went to college and I wanted to be a Learning Disability teacher when I
graduated. Core subjects were very difficult, but I had a Special Education professor that helped pick my teachers that were willing to provide extra structure for assignments. I know I’m not the only one that has learning problems but was DETERMINED to work for my goals. If you did let me know what things you struggled with in high school or college. Remember asking for help shows courage, determination, and self-worth in yourself.

It took an extra year of college between a marriage and a baby, but I got back in the saddle and graduated in December with an Elementary Education and Special Education BS from Auburn University. I was honored when asked to fill in the last half of the year for an ill teacher in Intermediate Itinerary classes in 3 schools in one day. I was anxious to try the methods that I had learned in my special education classes while growing up and in college. It was crazy trying to get to 3 schools on time each day, but it was a small town. 8:30am first school - I taught 3rd-5th grade LD Resource (Learning Disabilities) class with all grades in my small room (a cleared-out broom closet). Then drove 2 blocks and started the next class of students 11:30 am second school - one class of 6th -9th LD. Then I drove across town to work with LD 10th -12th graders 2:00-3:30 in between the choir practicing and P.E. girls. I was exhausted by June, but I loved the children.

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